Letters to the Editor

Moore is a hypocrite,banned cameras from event

Michael Moore made millions by bringing camera crews into buildings where they weren’t welcome.

I was refused admission to Michael Moore’s speech because I was carrying a camera. He had his own camera crews there, of course — he’s planning to make another movie.

Michael Moore can’t take his own medicine. I’ll still vote to get President Bush out of the White House, but I’m over Michael Moore and his hypocrisy.

Ben Ostrowsky is a USF alumnus in library science.

Great job done by peers to drive voter registration

With the election coming up in a few weeks, I have to say that USF students have been doing a great job getting their fellow students to register to vote. I think it’s necessary for everyone to vote because it’s one way that we can voice our opinion. There are no excuses not to vote, and people should be jumping at the opportunity to elect a president for our country.

Every vote counts and the future lies in every vote.

Shannon Gillen is a freshman majoring in education.

United States adrift in Iraq, no feasible plan by Bush

President Bush would have us believe that everything is proceeding according to plan in Iraq. If true, this says some pretty terrible things about what the president had planned, but I prefer a more charitable view: There never was a plan.

A plan would have prevented lootings and murder in the aftermath of our invasion. A plan would have prevented Iraq from surpassing Colombia in kidnappings. A plan would have put Iraqis to work rebuilding their own country instead of leaving them as penniless prey for the first insurgent recruiter who happened upon them. A plan would have properly equipped our troops before we sent them over to Iraq. We chose the timing for this war; if it took another month to see to it that every soldier had body armor, we could have waited that month. We didn’t.

We didn’t do any of these things. Why? There are only two possible answers: Incompetence or gross negligence.

I served as an Army intelligence analyst until April of this year, so I know that the career professionals in the intelligence and diplomatic communities knew how to do this job correctly and that President Bush ignored them. Either he is utterly incompetent or he is more concerned with Halliburton’s profits than with the lives of my comrades. Either of the two is unforgivable. On Nov. 2, we have a duty to replace him before he can do any more harm to this great country.

Alan Card is a graduate student in the college of public health and a member of Bulls for Kerry.

More parking spaces needed for residents

I would like to know why there are so few parking spaces for on-campus residents.

We pay a lot for our rooms and meal plans, and I don’t understand why the few designated residence parking lots are in remote locations on campus. I have to walk to all of my classes or take the Bull Runner while non-resident students can park in a lot located right by their class. Is there any hope of this issue ever being improved?

Jenna Strickland is a freshman majoring in elementary education.