New and noteworthy for the week ahead

(Oct. 1/ Orpheum/ $7-8)

IQU is an electro-pop duo that uses samplers, drum machines, keyboards and guitars, and did so long before later-day debutantes hailed Stereolab as a prime influence. IQU was around before the trendy labels of today (such as “indie-tronica”) were trendy. IQU is promoting its latest release, Sun, which came out Sept. 7. The band’s sound is poppy yet somehow not contrived, featuring an uncompromising electro-daze (yet another trendy term) that manages to hook listeners.

Mister Rodgers DVD released
(Available now/ local video store/ $39.99)

Before you consider how cool this DVD could be, remember that Mister Fred Rogers never had a checkered past. Rumors have been rampant, including several confirmed kills as a Navy seal, child molestation and tattoos running underneath his long-sleeved shirts. That would make for a legendary documentary. Instead, we have to settle for a mild-mannered, well-adjusted role model that’s actually not insane. “Fred Rogers: America’s Favorite Neighbor” is an Emmy-nominated, three-hour documentary that’s narrated by former Batman Michael Keaton, who started his career as a stagehand for Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

(Oct. 3 /Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center/ $22.50-$45.50)

While it may not sound as odd as Flamencokinesis, Tangokinesis is right up there on the grocery list of things people never should have thought of. Apparently it’s a synthesis of modern dance with traditional tango (where the “kinesis” comes into play, we still haven’t figured out.) Ana Maria Stekelman, formerly of the Ballet Contemporaneo del Teatro San Martin in Buenos Aires, directs the troupe of dancers.