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Letters to the Editor

Zombies deserve attention to detail
Re: Scene, “In case of Emergency,” Sept. 16.

I am not one to quibble, and frankly, most issues raised in the paper are not enough to incite much action on my part. However, an article by Pablo Saldana on Thursday was just too much.

In Pablo’s Thursday spread on great hurricane music and movies, the masterpiece Day of the Dead was mentioned as a great aftermath film. It is not this that I object to. The article stated that one could find his or her self in a mountain base ruled by morons and so on and so forth. Mountain base? In Day of the Dead, the soldiers and scientists are in an underground bunker — in Florida no less. This may seem like a minor flaw in the article, but I, as an obsessive zombie movie fan, find these kind of brazen inaccuracies infuriating.

Further, as a hurricane-category film, Day of the Dead works much better if it is in Florida: It has the location, and the opening scenes depicting some nameless Florida city certainly do look as though a hurricane has hit. Ergo, details like “mountain base” or locations such as Florida are important, especially when dealing with the undead and the geeks who love them.

Jason Hornsby is a senior majoring in English.