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Video Game Review – Spider-Man 2 (PS2, XBox, Gamecube)

Spider-Man 2
PS2, XBox, Gamecube

For years, transition from the big screen to video game consoles has yielded disastrous results for many of those courageous (or greedy) enough to attempt the leap. Smash hits from the silver screen don’t exactly translate to their gaming audience with the same effect as the films. Classics such as Rocky and The Matrix have attempted and ended up with the rest in the huge stockpile of adaptations past.

Spider-Man 2’s release is looking to change this trend of failures. If you were disenchanted with the first installment of the Spider-Man series, there’s no need to be discouraged. Activision completely overhauled Spider-Man 2 in order to create a more expansive gaming experience than that of the first.

Spider-Man 2 ditches the linear style of game play used in the first in favor of an extremely open-ended approach. This open-ended game play allows for Grand Theft Auto-style free roaming and Crazy Taxi-style optional missions. Spider-Man 2 is the lovechild of GTA and Crazy Taxi, trading hijacking cars to get around for web slinging, which is way more fun, anyway.

Oh, and by the way, when slinging to get around, you can’t just shoot your web into thin air and expect it attach itself to a cloud or something anymore. This time you actually need to have a target for your web to cling to.

Spider-Man 2’s graphics are breathtaking, boasting some of the most realistic city environments ever seen. It’s a joy to swing from building to helicopter to building and just enjoy the city’s wonderful backdrop while looking for a criminal to tie up. Story-wise, Spider-Man 2 follows the premise of the film rather closely, but throws in a few extras, such as supervillains Rhino and Shocker, for extended gaming pleasure. The control scheme is simple and lends itself to button mashing more often than not.

There are some instances where Spider-Man 2 can become a bit repetitive, but overall, while not a revolutionary game, Spider-Man 2 is very enjoyable for all.

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