Letters to the Editor

Political follies get personal
Re: “Conservative does not necessarily mean rich” June 2

After reading several of Adam Fowler’s columns, I had to comment. Firstly, his attack on Michael Moore’s film is totally hypocritical. He claims Moore is anti-American because of the content in the film and his comments regarding it. Think about it for one second: What could be more American than freedom of speech?

If Moore had made that film in certain countries he would be dead right now. I agree with the film; George W. Bush has put this country in a terrible position. Not only are we abusing prisoners; we look highly incompetent to the rest of the world because of Bush’s rallying cry of “Iraq has WMDs!” To date, no WMDs have yet to be found.

I agree with Fowler’s point about stereotyping conservatives, but he can’t deny the fact that when a Republican president is in office, corporations benefit greatly from it. Look at the Iraq war; we use taxpayer dollars to “overthrow Saddam” and corporations start to bid on contracts to “rebuild Iraq” — and surprisingly, Dick Cheney’s corporation won a huge contract to work in Iraq.

I would also like to point out that the Bushes made their riches from oil. If you go to the pump, whom do you think is getting rich?

I would like to ask Fowler to give examples of how the Republicans have taxed less and rewarded hard work for the common man; he makes all these claims, yet doesn’t back them up with facts. To take an example from Fowler, his dad was laid off for six months collecting unemployment. Now he drives trucks and gets home early in the morning. Fowler says he personally is making a little over $6 an hour at his current job. So pleas tell me how the Republican conservatives have benefited his family? It sounds to me like there have been hard times.

Look at the facts, Fowler. Your dad was employed for 20-plus years and recently laid off. Despite all of that, both of you are still going to vote for a president who has taken this country through what are arguably the worst four years in recent memory. You seem so set in your views that you refuse to see what’s in front of your face. I guess I was wrong — the Electoral College does have a reason behind its existence.

Marcus Session is a graduate student majoring in business administration.