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Search for AD yields five more applicants

University of Kansas Associate Athletic Director Richard Konzem is among the five latest applicants for the vacant USF AD position.

Konzem has spent 23 years at Kansas, where he also served as executive director of the Williams Fund, KU’s athletics budget. Konzem has spent the last seven years being responsible for negotiating, drafting and implementing contracts for KU’s football and basketball television schedules.

Other new applicants include: Clarence Williams III, customer service representative for Quest Diagnostics Inc.; James Tyson II, CEO and co-owner of Sideline Signatures Inc., an Idaho corporation involved in sports sponsorships; Joseph Bierdon, AD at El Paso Community College; and Juan Perez, vice president of operations an business development for Vici Marketing.

Less than two weeks since the search committee began advertising for applicants, 19 people have applied for the position. Two rumored candidates, Orange Bowl CEO Keith Tribble and Connecticut Associate Athletic Director Tom McElroy, still have not yet applied. Michelle Carlyon, USF’s senior media relations coordinator, said the search will continue until a new AD is hired, with no deadline for applications set.