Web Weekly

1. We Made Out in a Tree and This Old Guy Sat and Watched Us

Although English may be spoken around the world, it still remains a difficult language to perfect.

This may be acceptable for people from other countries, where English is their second language, but in the good ole’ United States of America, this difficulty should not exist for most people.

We Made Out in a Tree and This Old Guy Sat and Watched Us offers a multitude of funny submissions from users that have numerous bad examples of poor English usage, such as foreign instruction manuals and overheard conversations.

Among the lovely quotes is a pair of high school students who said, “If the Earth is round how did they put it on a flat paper?” and “Dude, I am the epiphany of the dumb jock.”

The site features a rating system in which visitors can gauge the brilliance of the misuse. There is also an archive that offers a backlog of previous creative uses people have found for the English language.

2. Mike the Miz

Long before all the reality TV shows had taken over with their bug-eating contests, one show put seven strangers together to see what would happen.

Ten years after The Real World began its romp in New York, producers returned and introduced the world to The Miz, aka Mike, who brought on the show his best impersonation of a wrestler that he could.

This character would go on to play a big part in Road Rules vs. The Real World battle of the reality has-beens, where Mike would personify his character in front of his audience.

Although the site is focused on him, there are numerous tidbits for The Real World/Road Rules freaks who like to know more than what’s portrayed on TV.

Among the features is a journal on the latest season of the battle between the shows, The Inferno, which provides insight into the unfolding drama. Also displayed is a picture section that gives a better look into the lives of present and past cast members.

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