Letters to the Editor

Campus living not worth money, bother

How much enjoyment could one person get out of opening their eyes every morning and facing a cold wall? Then, when that person gets out of bed, he/she realizes that your room is the same size as the walk-in closet you had at home.

And to really top things off, the shower is just big enough to comfortably stand in — as long as you don’t move your arms! I can say from experience there is really no enjoyment involved; in fact I’m pretty sure it ruined my mood on some occasions. Nonetheless I still paid $583 a month to enjoy these wonderful amenities. My question at the end of this semester: “What did I really pay that much money for?”

I wasn’t able to room with the people I was supposed to. Some of my roommates weren’t exactly the type of people I would choose to live with. I thought they used personality sheets for those types of situations. Every day there was a new vulgar drawing in the elevator.

A majority of the time, the only parking spaces open are the ones across the street. I can’t count the number of calls I received from random guys wanting know what my interests are (mind you these calls came in between 3 and 5 in the morning).

But funny enough, I have often been woken up at this time because outside my window Woodstock 2003-04 was being held — Magnolia style. A group of about ten people would gather around the bench downstairs drinking and singing their hearts out, while one of them played the guitar.

I know that it is supposed to be a plus that the apartments are on campus, but in all honesty, unless you’re majoring in engineering it is still a hike to most of your classes.

Here is the best of this entire situation: Whoever is conned into living here for fall semester will be paying a whopping $619 a month. Two words from me: Good luck!

Natasha Moradian is a freshman majoring in graphic design.

Ridiculing strangers sign of immaturity

While waiting on a bench near Cooper Hall for my next class to start, I witnessed some students making fun of an older woman because of what she was wearing. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Okay, so she wasn’t wearing low-rise Abercrombie & Fitch jeans with her butt crack halfway out, and a short tank top with her midriff showing, but she was dressed like a normal person her age and she was merely walking to her class not bothering anyone.

If anyone who graduated from middle school knew that in college you would have the same type of immature people ridiculing you for something so ridiculous, then who would want to move on in life, meet different people and go to college?

So she’s not younger than 23 and standing around talking about how drunk she was the night before, or how it doesn’t matter how many classes she skips because her parents or government pay for her to be at school. We need to grow up and accept other people for who they are because one day you’ll be working with that person, and they will offer you no sympathy.

If you’re a student and have nothing better to do than make fun of someone you do not know, then maybe you should take a moment and think about how immature you are and focus on what’s really important in life.

Rebecca Howe is a sophomore majoring in advertising.

Concert offered needed diversion from stress

I just wanted to say that Saturday’s Ying Yang Twins concert was fantastic.

I’m sure I am not the only one who has been stressed out lately over these past couple of weeks trying to get all of my work done for the spring semester. The show was a great way for me to get out and have some much needed fun.

It definitely helped take my mind off of school for awhile. To everyone that had a part in putting together that show, I just want to say thanks. You really have outdone yourselves.

Nina Vines is a freshman whose major is undeclared.