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Football practice intense with defense

At spring football practice Wednesday, the sideline was littered with trash-talking and the field was home to many good defensive plays.

After practice the coaches applauded the team’s intensity.

“I thought we had a lot more energy,” defensive coordinator Rick Kravitz said. “I think both sides of the ball were a little more excited about going after each other.”

Late in the practice, coach Jim Leavitt turned the No. 1 defense dressed in green loose on the white-shirted first team offense, and it got very physical. The players were going at it so hard a fight broke out between the two sides. Linebacker Vinny Capogna looked as if he was ready to take on the entire offensive line as he dragged one player down to the ground before other players broke up the fight.

The players in white seemed to make more plays.

When Pat Julmiste dropped back on one occasion he tried to hit Brian Fisher in the middle of the field but linebacker Devon Davis stepped in front and got the interception.

“With that kind of energy they have more fun and they make more plays.” Kravitz said. “I thought it was a good practice.”

Defensive back Kenny Robinson and linebacker Devon Davis also made plays, batting away passes.

“I thought they were very focused and that’s what you want in a spring practice,” Kravitz said. “You want them to be focused but you want them to compete and that’s what they did. They came out and competed and stayed focused with it. They didn’t play around.”

The offense could use some more work before the Green and Gold game Saturday, quarterback coach Rod Smith said.

“During the seven on seven and the individual we’ve got to make some more plays down there at the end zone,” he said. ” It wasn’t too bad, we’re getting better.”

Leavitt praises quarterbacks

Fisher came in and played quarterback in some very important games when Ronnie Banks and Julmiste were ineffective last season. This year, Leavitt doesn’t feel Fisher will be needed, and he had praise for his quarterbacks.

“We’ve got three quarterbacks right now that we really feel good about.” Leavitt said. “Ronnie Banks, Pat and Evan Kraky. We feel like all three quarterbacks can move our offense. I feel a lot better now going into (the spring game) than I did last year going into it. You’ve got Pat who’s got starting experience, you’ve got Ronnie who’s got starting experience and has played a lot of football and you’ve got Kraky who’s throwing the ball pretty good.”

Fisher available for game

Brian Fisher will be available for Saturday’s spring game, Leavitt said. After he missed practices last week, Wednesday was his second consecutive time on the practice field.

Leavitt said he will not see time at quarterback as he did in 2003. He will be used only at wide receiver.