Letters to the Editor

Lab computers ridden with viruses, problems

I tend to avoid the computer lab in the business building. For some reason they allow students to install whatever software they like to the public computers. While this allows Instant Messaging programs galore, it also lets in so many tracking programs that a student inputs any personal information into the computer at risk. After complaining a couple of times with no results, I now simply try to avoid using the business lab computers.

Finding myself with a few minutes between classes Tuesday, I decided to download and install Spy Sweeper to see how badly the particular computer I was using, BSN 42, was infected. It turns out the computer had 61 adware/spyware programs installed. Some had very interesting names, such as: Popnav Hijacker, GAIN, WildTangent, TeenXXX, Virtual Bouncer, and Purity Scan.

I’m not sure about you, but I do not want whoever created TeenXXX tracking my use of a public computer. And a program with the name “Hijacker” in it does not inspire confidence.

The College of Business Administration should address this issue. A simple disclaimer stating that no public computer is really public provides limited liability protection to the university and none for the student.

Of course, we students are really to blame; the roar of the complaints restricting IM programs (one of the byproducts of stopping students from installing software) would deafen the university to all rational solutions.

Brian Williams is a senior majoring in accounting.