Letters to the Editor

CAB should be applauded for activities provided

Through its events, the Campus Activities Board has represented the diversity of the student population and provided something for everyone on campus to enjoy. This year alone, as students of USF, we have been able to enjoy Club USF, concerts by artists such as Pat Green and the Ying Yang Twins and comedy acts by Finesse Mitchell and Bruce Bruce.

We have been able to attend Bullstock, CAB Fair and the Greek Stroll Off, among several other events. Also, we have been able to watch movies before they hit the stores such as School of Rock, Radio and Kill Bill and received numerous items such as key chains, dog tags, shirts and hats — not to mention all the food at Patio Tuesdays!

I believe that the work of CAB too often goes unnoticed and unappreciated. We should be thankful to have such a dedicated, hard-working and diligent group of people here to enhance student life and school spirit.

Each time I step out to Patio Tuesday, Movies on the Lawn, Club USF, a comedy show or a concert and I see the CAB logo, I know then that I am lucky to be a Bull.

Roderick Lawson is a freshman majoring in marketing and business office education.

‘Do-gooders’ not above the law they protest
Re: “The Price Of Nice” April 5

Was that article about the students who go downtown and feed the homeless a joke? They feed them stir-fry and pizza? If I ever become homeless, I now know where to settle.

But seriously, these “do-gooders” are obviously breaking the law which is why they were arrested, and they continue to break the law as if they think they’re above it which brings more people with them to the park, seemingly just to spite the police.

Why don’t these Food Not Bombs people take the money they spend on steak stir-fry and clean up the homeless people, educate them a little and help them get jobs so they can pay for their own food? Eventually, they’ll even be able to pay rent for shelter. It’s amazing how it works.

Jon Mishner is a junior majoring in wellness.