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Lots of Bull in this show

In a few years, Campus Activities Board’s Tom Smith hopes that when USF students hear the phrase Bullstock, they think outdoor rock festival. Smith, the event’s concert director, coordinated CAB’s second annual Bullstock and hopes future directors keep up the tradition in the years to come.

Last year, the concert featured four regional bands, including headliners Big Sky. This Saturday, however, national act Vertical Horizon will be the top billing.

“KISS costumes and naked girls,” Matt Scannell (vocals/guitar) sarcastically said about his band’s (Vertical Horizon) live show. “Just [expect] good music. We get on stage and have a good time.”

Even though the band broke into the mainstream in 1999 with the pop single “Everything You Want,” Vertical Horizon will inevitably play its later ’90s hits as well on Saturday night.

“It’s a complete honor that people want to hear [my songs],” Scannell said. “As a song writer, I spent many years writing songs that people will never hear and to finally to be in a position where I have a voice that can be heard is an amazing honor.”

In addition to playing VH’s radio tunes, according to Scannell, it is important for the band members to play music that challenges and entertains them also.

Since opening for Tonic on New Year’s Eve and playing on The Rock Boat with Sister Hazel, Tampa’s Quick Shot Paulo is jumping at the chance to open for another national band. Previously hosting a CAB talent show and being featured during last semester’s First Friday series, QSP will perform for its third time on campus.

“We’re just happy to be invited to play [Bullstock],” drummer Jay Gervais said. “We’ve been very lucky with CAB.”

Previously seeing QSP live influenced Smith in his decision to book the band for Bullstock.

“We’re all about our live show,” Gervais said. “We have an array of songs. We can do the pop/rock and we can jazz out. We’re all about the hooks.”

Opening the show this Saturday will be Second Start, the only completely student band featured at Bullstock. Truly a USF band, David Kissel (lead guitar), Francisco Terrano (vocals), Cory Wright (bass) and Joe Cannizzaro (drums) all met and formed Second Start on campus last semester.

Like QSP, Second Start has been fortunate with the opportunities on campus.

“We played twice in the Andros study lounge and then all of a sudden we’re playing the Basement Band Series, which is a huge step up,” Kissel said. “Then out of nowhere we get a call to open for Vertical Horizon.”

According to Cannizzaro, Second Start’s live show is all about energy, fully equipped with a good portion of lively guitar jumps and high-energy drumming.

Second Start pulls influences from punk, emo, hardcore and straight-up rock ‘n’ roll. The young band plans on continuing to grow and take any opportunities that may come its way.

“It’s still early on but things have been happening really quickly for us,” Kissel said.

While the concert’s title plays off the legendary Woodstock, Bullstock should involve no mudslinging. Instead, there will only be a free concert and a festival atmosphere to enjoy.