Overlooked statute brought to SG’s attention

Student Government Senate president pro tempore Stavros Papandreou made a little discovery recently in the SG offices.

As Papandreou transferred the statutes from a database file to a word-processing program, he said he noticed a statute that has been overlooked for some time. It was Statute 405, which requires the Senate’s Student Concerns Committee to hold a general assembly meeting once per semester. Papandreou said it had gone unnoticed within the 108 pages of statutes.

Student Government’s first general assembly meeting will be held tonight at 6 in room 270 in the Phyllis P. Marshall Center. The meeting will allow students to ask questions and voice concerns, Papandreou said.

“It’s basically going to be a discussion,” Papandreou said. “We want to address every concern students have.”

Papandreou will preside over the meeting, which is open to anyone interested. The Student Concerns Committee, chaired by Stacey Bedard, will then take the concerns expressed and process them.

“We hope to create a means of dialogue between Student Government and other student organizations,” Papandreou said. “For example, we are working on a bill to cap the Senate. The general assembly is a good way of addressing this and see how the students feel about it.”

Applications for Senate, which were running especially short before spring break, have now exceeded 60. The deadline to turn in an application is today at 5.