No rest, no problem

With only one day of full rest between matches, the USF men’s tennis team fought through fatigue Friday and Saturday to beat both of its visiting opponents.

“The thing that I was a little worried about was, after a doubleheader, getting our legs back with the heat and everything,” USF coach Don Barr said.

The Bulls indeed got their legs back Friday, defeating Indiana 4-3. USF swept the doubles 8-3, 8-4 and 8-5 before moving on to the singles competition.

The Bulls won at the No. 5 and No. 4 spots, but Junior Renato Silviera could not get a win at the No. 3 spot, losing 6-2,7-5. Sophomore Fredy Barton clinched the match, however, when he won at the No. 2 spot 7-5,6-4.

Despite the fact that the Bulls narrowly walked away with a victory and had played three matches in three days, they would have to come back again the next day to take on San Francisco.

“I was pleased with our guys because, after the tough battle with heavy legs against Indiana, they turned around and played (San Francisco).

“I thought we would have some problems; I really did,” Barr said. “I was very pleased to see how our guys fought through that.”

Barr’s worries were all for naught; USF swept San Francisco 7-0. The Bulls swept the doubles and then went on to singles, where they did not need a third set at any spot to win a match.

“I was hoping it would go this way, and I know now that we have some time to get all of our injuries healed up,” Barr said.