Khan confirms bid for re-election

Student body president Omar Khan’s wishes to run for re-election became a reality last week with the approval of required paperwork.

The week before spring break, Khan, along with new running mate Chris Jackson, turned in the paperwork needed to become candidates.

According to Andrew Read, chairman of the Election Rules Committee, the Khan-Jackson ticket was made official after he approved their application sometime last week.

Student body vice president Ryan Morris will not seek re-election due to a heavier course load he is taking in the fall. He will, however, seek a spot in the senate, where 50 potential senators have filed paperwork for the 70 available seats.

“I want to continue to be a strong voice for students,” Khan said Tuesday night. “I want to continue to get students involved in the issues that are affecting them.”

As for his reasons for running again, Khan said his decision was not based on the present campaign fiasco affecting other presidential candidates.

“The more people that run, the better for the university,” Khan said. “The more people the better because more groups on campus get active.”

As of right now, there are five tickets running for the student body president and vice-president positions: the Khan-Jackson ticket; Bijal Chhadva and Andrew Aubrey; Esque Dollar and Tameka Bradley; Brandon Faza and J. P. Murphy; and a fifth ticket, of which the candidate names could not been confirmed.