Not much to be happy about despite a victory

Leave it to a baseball coach to be disappointed after a win.

The USF baseball team produced a 4-1 win Tuesday over Northeastern, but coach Eddie Cardieri’s take left no doubt about his opinion of his team’s performance.

“I thought we were horrible,” Cardieri said. “I thought our offense was terrible. Our defense was terrible.”

Heading into the game, Cardieri called for improvement by his hitters, saying his team wasn’t “running on all cylinders.” Against the Huskies, the Bulls managed their lowest number of hits this season, leaving their coach able to sum up the positives in a single breath.

“(Daniel) Albritton was tremendous. (Chase) Lirette was tremendous; (Brian) Baisely’s hit was big. (Matt) McHargue’s hit was big. And that’s all that was good about that night, that’s it,” Cardieri said.

Down a run in the sixth inning, the Bulls rallied, scoring four runs. Baisley got USF on the scoreboard with an RBI when he singled to right. Later McHargue singled to right, scoring two.

Albritton made his first start at USF. The freshman pitcher described what went through his mind before the first pitch of the game.

“First pitch strike – got to do it,” Albritton said. “To start off the game with a strike, that’s what I always try to do.”

Albritton gave up one run on six hits in six innings. He had five strikeouts.

“I felt nervous,” Albritton said. “But I felt good. I had all my pitches going for me, and I had a good time.”

Albritton said being at home for his first start helped him to become more comfortable at the mound.

“I was really fortunate to get to start my first game here around the home crowd and everything,” Albritton said.

Associate head coach Nelson North agreed.

“I think (having) his first start at home was good for him,” said North, who is also the pitching coach, said. “This is where he’s done most of his pitching since he’s been here. To get your first start at home is a little easier.”

Nelson added that all of USF’s freshman pitchers, including Chase Lirette, who gave up no runs on 2 2/3 innings, have performed in any role they have been asked to this season.

“These freshman — one quality that they all have is they’re all tough,” North said. “None of them are afraid. None of them are afraid to get hit. None of them are afraid to lose. They really know how to pitch to win and that’s going to take them a long way.”