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USF set for Stetson tourney

Three days of rain have disrupted the routine of the USF baseball team, but like they say, “When it rains, it pours.”

Both of the Bulls’ mid-week practices were affected by rain. Wednesday the team couldn’t practice on the infield because of flooding, and Thursday batting practice had to be moved from the field to the batting cage. This comes after a home game against Bethune-Cookman was washed out Tuesday.

“We already lost a regular season game,” USF men’s baseball coach Eddie Cardieri said. “We can hopefully make it up later, but it cost us the midweek game. It affected yesterday’s practice some because we had to do our work in the outfield because the infield was so wet.”

Cardieri said he doesn’t know how all the rain will affect his team heading into the weekend.

“It shouldn’t be a factor; I would hope. Maybe the little bit of rest will do us good, too,” Cardieri said. “You just don’t know about stuff like that; it can affect you one way or the other sometimes.”

The USF men’s baseball team will travel to Deland this weekend for the Stetson Invitational at Melching Field.

The schedule for the weekend includes: Oklahoma State (5-2) on Friday, Virginia Tech (0-0) on Saturday and tournament host Stetson (4-2) on Sunday.

Cardieri said the tournament is good because the team can play top competition from around the country.

“It’s fun for the guys,” Cardieri said. “The level of competition is tremendous. You see how you size up against good teams from around the country.”

The rotation will be Kyle Schmidt (1-0), Casey Hudspeth (0-0) and Nick Manganaro (1-0), in that order.

The fact that this weekend will have a tournament feel and that the Bulls will face good teams will help going into conference play, Cardieri said.

“You get used to playing those good teams, which is what we want to do rolling into conference play,” he said.