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Gamers rejoice, no longer must sweaty hands be a barrier to winning

AirFlo EX Gamepads

Electronic game consumers now have a solution for preventing dreaded sweaty hands while playing video and computer games that could lead to slip ups in performance.

Nyko Technologies, maker of gaming peripherals, has created a series of gamepads that have a built-in cooling system. The design allows for gamers to keep playing without losing their grip on the controller.

Company executives say an employee working in the sales department thought up the idea for the device by taking apart a standard controller and inserting a cooling fan inside.

Taking a page from this prototype, Nyko provides cooling through a series of vents located throughout the device. The vents are concentrated around the rubber grips on the bottom of each of the controllers.

Controlling the amount of air blowing out the vents is achieved through a switch located in the middle of the device that allows gamers to select between off, low or high speeds.

As far as the shape of the controller is concerned, it mostly resembles an older Microsoft Sidewinder controller with two large peg-like handles that should be able to accommodate for even the largest of hands.

Gamers can also choose between the standard 10-foot corded or wireless version. Although the wireless version requires additional batteries, the corded version gets its required power from the gaming system.

Aside from the EX gamepads, the company has already incorporated the airflow technology into a mouse available for PCs. That device features a number of small vents across the top and side. It retails for $29.99.

The Airflow EX gamepads are available for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2. Their prices vary from $24.99 to $49.99.

Gustavo Hernandez