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New and Noteworthy for the week ahead

Elvis Costello
Friday/ 8 p.m./ Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center/ $42, $52, $77

While the American Elvis may be dead (oh, face it, he’s not on an island with Jim Morisson and Tupac), the British Elvis is alive and kicking, and charging almost 80 bucks for it. The Brit, whose music influenced the ’70s new wave scene, will visit Tampa for one night only. Rumor has it he only plays songs from his newest album. So old fans may be disappointed, but if you’re too young to remember his original vinyls, you may be in for treat. A very, very expensive treat.

Sur Mes Levres (Read My Lips)
Tuesday/ 9 p.m./ Campus View East (4th floor of the Marshall Center)

This French film (yes, that means subtitles, but after all, aren’t we college students?) graced a Tampa art house early last year but didn’t get the praise it deserved. Done in a Hitchcockian manner, the story follows a nearly deaf woman who reads lips (clever, ain’t it?). When she hires an ex-convict as her assistant, things can only get better.

Family Pet Expo
Saturday and Sunday/ The Pinellas Expo Center/ $6

This all-inclusive pet show will feature friendly little critters for show and for adoption. The Expo will be divided into six zones, including Love My Pet (a section with food supplies and grooming items), Pets and Kids and Adoption Central. The show will also include a Pet Adopt-a-Thon and an exotic cat breeds show. Also for the price of admission: crying children, mullets and barking dogs. What more could you want?