Letters to the Editor

HIV and STDs still a threat after negative test result
Re: “Staying on the up and up when going down” Feb. 18

This column implied that it may be safe to have unprotected sex with a person who tested negative for STDs since his or her last partner. The standard screening tests for HIV disease may not show positive results for up to six months after transmission of the virus.

There is no way to know for sure that a sexual partner is not infected.

Condoms and other barriers are always a very good idea.

Michael Knox, Ph.D., Director, USF Center for HIV Education and Research

Minority ranking does not necessarily mean quality
Re: President Judy Genshaft’s letter to the editor “Students should value USF’sdiversity ” Feb. 18

It is a pity data was not given as to the rankings of African-Americans in degrees awarded at Florida state universities. It is not just numbers, but the finishing academic quality of students that matters also. President Genshaft and faculty heads should be cautious in following the ‘pack ’em in’ syndrome, because eventually the numbers may well turn in on themselves, discrediting earlier triumphs (especially if there is a high attrition rate on the road to the degree, somewhat caused by the lack of diversity at faculty level in some disciplines).

An article directly related to the state of Florida with respect to minority enrollment at public universities, appeared in the “Journal of Blacks in Higher Education” at http://www.jbhe.com/news_views/41_black_enrollment_uflorida.html .

This article illustrates the hollow victories elected officials champion with respect to the level of minority enrollment in higher education. We should take note.

Oliver Page is a graduate research assistant at the Center for Urban Transportation Research.

Bush was stomping for votes just like Kerry
Re: Column “Start your engines, forget the issues” Feb. 17

Grace Agostin’s column came across as a disjointed rant that is fairly representative of the present state of America’s left wing.

If you are going to criticize President Bush for trying to “relate to working class Americans,” then you may want to know some of the campaign maneuvers that John Kerry tried in selling America on his “average Joe” status.

First, he started riding his motorcycle while pressing the flesh in New England only after he conducted poll after poll to see if he came across as a “manly man.” Continuing with this transparent charade, he decided to make a lunch stop in Philadelphia for one of their renowned steak sandwiches. He ordered his with Swiss cheese, which he daintily nibbled.

The economy has grown out of the decline it was in at the end of Clinton’s presidency. Bet you thought it started with Bush right? Wrong! The tax cuts primed capitalism’s pump.

Then came the atrocities of Sept. 11. After the country picked up the pieces it was tagged with corporate scandals. Those scandals were the result of actions that took place before George Bush ever decided to run for the White House. When Americans actually started getting their refund checks last summer, we saw a 20 percent rise in the major indices. Oh, and just for the future, citing the Center for American “Progress” on economic issues is like asking GLAAD what they think of homosexual marriage.

As far as military records go, John Kerry once promoted the idea that America’s military should only be used at the behest of the United Nations. What’s worse, he sold out his fellow soldiers once he got back from Vietnam, saying they acted more like Genghis Khan than America’s best.

Right now, the country is on the correct path. All of those personality issues are apropos of nothing and are better suited for Oprah’s show than for the arena of political ideas. That said, our current president is the kind of guy you can go grab a beer and watch a game with, while Kerry is the kind of guy who would order a glass of white wine at a sports bar – white wine from France.

Joseph Yanes is a junior majoring in electrical engineering.