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A jacket for carrying it all while keeping a charge on the road

ScotteVest Three.0
(solar version)

With consumers carrying an ever-increasing number of personal electronic gadgets, a clothing manufacturer has come up with a way to store gadgets safely while ensuring they are fully charged.

The ScotteVest Three.0 solar edition is the latest in the line of apparel that is targeted at those who need to carry lots of gadgets without the awkwardness of having numerous pockets packed and bulging.

Adding to the functionality of the jacket is the included charging feature.

A pair of solar panels located at the shoulders of the jacket collect energy and store it in a battery system located at the base of the coat. Users will be able to connect their devices up to the system and charge them without having to find a wall outlet.

Unlike traditional means of harnessing solar power, the Three.0 uses CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) technology, which is a thin, flexible, lightweight, energy-efficient and highly sun-sensitive type of solar cell.

According to the company’s Web site, the technology will charge as fast as plugging a device into a standard AC outlet and will allow for multiple devices to be charged at the same time.

To help ease the process of linking all of one’s wireless device to the power cell, the company provides a number of adapters and connectors to fit the multitude of digital cameras and cell phones on the market.

Aside from providing consumers with 29 hidden pockets for storage, the jacket also features an internal system for concealing wires. The PAN, or Personal Area Network, consists of a series of pockets, holes and fabric paths for wiring.

The jacket also includes epaulets, similar to those used by police officers. The epaulets are additional straps that are sewn into the top chest portion of jacket so a device, such as a cell phone, can be within quick reach for use as a speakerphone or camera.

With the increase in security measures at airports, the Three.0 could be ideal for those who travel often and have numerous technological gadgets. The owner would simply have to place the jacket on the conveyor belt and then be on their way.

The Scott Vest Three.0 solar version will sell for $300 and is expected to be released later this spring. A non-solar version of the jacket is available for $200.

Gustavo Hernandez