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Faculty Union VP arrested in prostitution sting

The fate of Faculty Union vice president Mark Klisch is still to be determined after he was arrested in an undercover prostitution sting.

According to a police report, Klisch, 56, of 3010 W. Bay Ave., was charged by Tampa Police Feb. 9 with soliciting another to commit prostitution. The report said the solicitation took place at about 10 p.m. at the intersection of Lois and West Osborne avenues. He posted $250 bail for the misdemeanor charge on Tuesday and was released from Orient Road Jail.

Michael Reich, director of media relations for USF, said as of now the administration is examining the facts of Klisch’s arrest.

“What happens whenever anyone (on the campus) is arrested we look at the facts of the situation and see how or if it affects the person’s teaching at the university and the how it would affect the students,” said Reich in an interview Sunday night. “As of now, we haven’t yet decided on what will happen to him.”

Klisch, Reich said, is a counselor at the USF Counseling Center, and Reich said he is not sure if teaches any courses.

“The primary job is to counsel, but sometime the counselors teach some courses,” Reich said.

Faculty Union president Roy Weatherford said Sunday night that, as far he knows, the charges have been dropped and there is no legal issue at hand. However, according to the police report, Klisch has just posted bail and media relations are not aware of any charges being dropped.

Weatherford also said Klisch did not break any union rules.

“Our elections are in a month anyway, and the faculty can choose to keep him or not at that time,” Weatherford said.

Weatherford also said he did not know of any disciplinary measures being taken against Klisch at the present time, but if there were disciplinary actions taken, the Union would provide a grievance counselor as they would for any faculty member in a similar position.

“We would work with his defense (if action was taken),” Weatherford said.

Klisch helped initiate the filing of a grievance in January 2003 for former professor Sami Al-Arian. Klisch argued that Al-Arian’s right to due process had been violated. Al-Arian was arrested in February 2003 on a 50-count indictment and was fired from USF.