Web Weekly

1. Urban Legends Resource Page

Through the voices of numerous individuals, urban legends are spread by those who embellish a story’s defining details.

Because it is spread by word of mouth, folklore can sometimes be hard to distinguish once it’s disguised by the fabrications of others.

The Urban Legends Resource Page is a site dedicated to helping visitors find out whether a particular tale is reality or fantasy. By using real evidence to back up claims, the site’s author attempts to dispel any assertions as fact, fiction or something in between.

Featuring a variety of topics, such as cokelore, autos and medical, the site’s 40 subject areas cover a substantial base of legends. Within each of the sections, visitors will find a number of sub-categories to help separate the numerous claims.

Such myths as “Girl’s salivary glands become infected from roach eggs ingested with taco” can be found among others that are sometimes as strange as the stories behind their origin.

To help visitors in their search for the truth on their favorite urban tales, the site also has a search feature on the main page to provide fast access to its wealth of information.

Site suggested by Susan Reynolds

2. Howtocleananything.com


It’s always good to have some quick advice for those times when a substantial meatball stain has suddenly claimed your favorite shirt.

Howtocleananything.com offers an online reference tool for directions on cleaning everything from rooms in a home to treating stains before they can ruin clothes.

Each of the site’s six categories, including house interior, stains and auto, covers a general area of cleaning and is subdivided into respective categories. The different subjects covered in each area are dependent on user-submitted questions.

Founded by a group of cleaning professionals, the site offers visitors a mix of professional advice on cleaning problems and user-submitted tips on sanitation. Entries dealing with questions are presented with the initial question and subsequent answer.

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