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Meetings begin for SG president, senate candidates

Student Government hopefuls met briefly on Friday for the first meeting of possible candidates for 2004 –05.

Five people showed up to the information meeting for those interested in student body president and SG Senate, the first of four such meetings.

Current vice president Ryan Morris was at the meeting without a running mate, but he said he remains hopeful.

“I want to run definitely,” Morris said. “No matter what, my involvement with Student Government will not stop.”

Morris said there were a lot of things still in the works from last year, such as the initiation of a 24-hour computer lab.

Morris said there isn’t anything specific that he is looking for in a running mate, but whomever he chooses, they should support plans such as the computer lab.

“There’s a mixture of things that I’m looking for,” Morris said. “The ideal running mate would be someone who knows my issues and can help me implement them.”

If Morris runs for president, he, along with his opponents, will have to follow the rules of the Election Rules Commission, which according to ERC director Andrew Read will be strictly enforced.

Read said he emphasized the limitations of the campaign, such as no campaigning inside residence halls or classrooms.

“We have to be students first,” Read said.

Other infractions include using unapproved listservs (only three are approved) and talking about the campaign inside SG offices. Also, only campaign workers may wear T-shirts in support of the campaign.

However, one of the most significant limitations comes in the campaign budget, which this year is set at $1,503.65.

But, Read said, there was some good news for candidates as well. WBUL and WUSF may air the presidential debate, currently scheduled for April 1. Election days will follow one week later.

Anyone interested has until March 15 to declare their candidacy and submit their paperwork. The next candidate meeting is Feb. 26.