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Web Weekly


The growth of the Internet has brought a world of new uses, such as Internet dating. Such uses, though, sometimes have their consequences and horror stories to go with them.

Through the stories of countless Internet daters, the site offers visitors an extensive log of unfortunate people who have found that their Internet Romeo was more Bill Gates and less Brad Pitt than they were led to believe.

In addition to the stories of tragic first dates, the site also houses a collection of stories about individuals who haven’t met. There are strange chat room sessions, crazy personals responses and weird e-mail correspondences.

Also to be found on the site are tails of strange relationships, such as the man who came over to the United States after having an Internet relationship with a woman he had never met. A couple of weeks and an HIV scare later, he had given up his Internet dating ways and found a girlfriend the old-fashioned way.

Thankfully, the site also has a section titled Happily Ever After, which features stories of Internet lovers who have found their soul mate through their online search for romance.

2.”How Everyday Things Are Made”

Although consumers may only see the finished product, the process of manufacturing goods, such as bottles, cars and jelly beans, can be complicated and sometimes interesting.

The method for manufacturing widely used products can now be seen and explained through an easy-to-follow guide. “How Everyday Things Are Made” offers visitors a glimpse into the production side of commonly-used items through video presentations.

Each of the items is cataloged in a simple interface that features a group of links on the left and a bigger presentation window on the right where the demonstrations are viewed.

One of the more interesting processes was the creation of Jelly Belly jelly beans, which can take up to 10 days to manufacture. The process of creating the centers and cooling them to add flavoring is more complex than I would have expected for such a small bean.

Visitors can also submit any questions they have to the site’s forum, where other informed users and professionals can help answer their questions.

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