New and Noteworthy for the week ahead

Jan. 26/ Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center/ $49.50-$89.50

There’s an Englishman in Tampa Bay. Sting may be more preoccupied with exuding elderly sexual prowess than making important music these days, but he’s still one of the most important pieces of rock-music history. And, more importantly, still kicks out a damn good “Message In A Bottle” for the same price as your little sister’s Britney ticket.

Tommy Davidson
Jan. 22-Jan. 25/ Improv Comedy Theater/ $18-$22

Oh, to be the goofy, minimally talented black sheep in a flock of stars. Davidson — who played fifth fiddle to Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans, David Alan Grier and Jamie Foxx way back in the Living Color days of the ’90s — has just about worn out the strings on it. He acts like a doofus of a white man, which can’t be good for any African-American comedian — especially one whose best work was in an Ace Ventura film.

Cross Currents At Century’s End
Jan. 25-Apr. 11/ Tampa Museum of Art/ $3 for Students; $7 for general public

It’s going to be hard to sustain the buzz, and subsequent attendance garnered by way of the recent Toulouse Lautrec, but that’s just the cruel world of art … or whatever. Next week, the Museum opens the Neuberger Berman Art Collection (it’s first ever public show). The collection is of innovative modern art created in the last five years, and is an interesting blend of styles to rival that worn out Frenchman. He’s so last month.