Editor’s Note

An editorial that ran in Wednesday’s Oracle describing a dispute between Robinson High School principal Kevin McCarthy and a nurse from the same school had several mistakes that need to be corrected.

First, the editorial stated that McCarthy remained principal of the school, while the nurse was transferred. Sadly, McCarthy died suddenly Nov. 16 of unknown causes.

In addition to this serious error, the editorial bordered on plagiarism, as much of it strongly mimicked a Tampa Tribune report from Nov. 4. Furthermore, the editorial implied that The Tribune condoned the nurse’s actions in the case, when, in fact, the story made no such judgment.

Our credibility has been put on the line with the publication of this piece, and we can only ask that our readership not lose faith in our ability to produce informative, accurate and substantive news on a daily basis.

We at The Oracle apologize to our readers for these mistakes and to the family and friends of McCarthy, who have no doubt suffered renewed pain as a result of our errors of fact and judgment.

Ryan Meehan, Editor in Chief