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Letters to the Editor

Skatepark rebuttals sexist accusations
Re: “Sexist remarks should not win you prizes” Nov. 19, 2003


When I first received your e-mail about your accusation of us being sexist, I thought that I could get back to you at my convenience. But I guess that you consider your agenda extremely important, because seven days later you already had your column printed in The Oracle.

First things first: How do you know what my priorities are? Oh well, maybe you’re righ.t After all, because payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, an online store, 25,000 square feet of skate park to maintain, taxes, lawsuits, audits, scheduling, event-planning, volunteering, managing the largest skateboarding inventory in Florida, a 401k, a staff of 18 and health insurance for our families and children should definitely come second to such an original accusation of sexism from a student such as yourself, right?

Is this for real? I mean, you believe that the Skatepark of Tampa is sexist because we gave Huck Jam tickets to some kid that claimed he was going to get us an ” awesome stripper with big tits that’ll do anything you want her to” for the tickets? Just for the record, we’re still waiting on that stripper.

We have let females in for free since day one. That’s 11 years that we’ve supported female skateboarders. As a matter of fact, Whitney, you have been taking advantage of our deal for several years, haven’t you? Not to mention, we sponsor one of the most recognized female skateboarders in the world, Elissa Steamer.

Please take your petty argument to debate class. Maybe somebody there will validate your politically correct garbage. Fortunately, I’m what you call a ‘realist,’ where it’s basically understood that many of the comments about Skatepark of Tampa Web site are composed by 14-year-old kids looking for a reaction. I guess they got ya, huh?

This is what concerns you? This is the type of stuff you worry about? I can’t believe that you’re so offended. My only advice to you is to lighten up. If this type of pettiness is going to be your platform, you may need to step down from writing for the school newspaper. Someday, when your parents aren’t paying for your rent, food, car payment, health insurance, auto insurance, books and tuition, make sure you get back with me and we’ll have this discussion again.

Ryan Clements is the general manger of Skatepark of Tampa.

Oil does not contain animal products

I am writing this letter to allay any concerns about the vegetable oil used in cooking on the USF campus. This was a rumor started by mistake within dining services. The manufacturer of the vegetable oil used on campus, FryMax, has assured USF dining services that FryMax oil contains no animal product or byproduct. According to Dining Services, “It contains hydrogenated soybean oil and dimethylpolysiloxane.

Dimethylpolysiloxane has no animal origin and is a food additive used to reduce the amount of foaming in high temperature frying oils. Dimethylpolysiloxane is commonly used throughout the restaurant industry and in some household oils…. Ach Foods Companies has ensured (USF Dining Services) that FryMax frying oil used at The Fresh Food Co. and Andros Dining Center is free of any animal product. The product is also considered vegan-friendly”.

I would also like to commend Dining Services for listening to the students of USF. They have now started a Vegetarian and Vegan station at The Fresh Food Company. It is currently located at the Accents dining station within The Fresh Food Company. If there are any other concerns about Dining Services on Campus, please feel free to contact me or Monica Witte, the marketing manager. The Web addresses are and .

Matthew Blankenship is the vice president of policy and procedures for the Residence Hall Association.