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For the Record

Juan Cruz
Assistant Technician in the College of Engineering

Every week, Entertainment Editor Nick Margiasso will put one of our fine USF staffers on the musical hot seat for a Q & A. It may be informative, it could be disturbing but it definitely will be interesting.

Oracle: It’s our round … at the bar and at the jukebox; what’ll you have?

Juan Cruz: I’ll have a Sprite and “Hurt” by Johnny Cash.

Oracle: What record most influenced your youth?

Juan Cruz : “One Day at a Time” (Editor’s note: a contemporary Christian song). It helped me through hard times. Kept me going.

Oracle: Who wins the fight: Aretha “Big Momma” Franklin or “Queen of Plastic Surgery” Cher?

Juan Cruz : Aretha Franklin, because she has lots of soul. Plus, she is a “bigger” woman.

Oracle: What is the best music for “engineerizing”?

Juan Cruz : “A New Day Has Come” by Celine Dion (Editor’s note: just because).

Oracle: If you had a hit single what would it be called and what kind of music would it be?

Juan Cruz: “Forever and For Always” by Shania Twain. Country. (Editor’s note: umm… I guess we’re lucky to have such a talent on campus).