New & Noteworthy for the week ahead

Bret Michaels
(Oct. 31 / Jannus Landing / $17.50)

Tampa … are you ready to ROOOOCK!? What’s that? You’re too young to have put on your girlfriend’s makeup and raided the hair product cabinet? That’s OK, it’s still worth the gate to see the frontman of one of the ’80s biggest rock bands, Poison, after all the blow, beer and bimbos have worn off. Now, the memories of those days are just as frayed as Michaels’ split ends. It’s like they say, Bret: “Every rose has its thorn / And every aging, hair-metal rocker must have an Aquanet-less dawn.”

Bloody Poetry
(Oct. 31 — Nov. 16 / Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center / $15.50 – $19.50)

Because no one gets enough romantic mysticism in their daily lives these days, this theatrical review is a retelling of the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ prose summer of 1816 shared by the nineteenth century’s greatest writers. Lord Byron, Percy Shelley and his wife, Mary Shelley (of Frankenstein fame), produced a summer’s worth of great works and fantastic legendary stories. If free love, romantic thought and fluffy outfits ever had a home, it would be in the theatre.

Avant et Apres
(Oct. 30 — Nov. 14 / Centre Gallery at the Phyllis P. Marshall Center / Free)

In Paris, USF’s art students are about as common as Florida frat-boys. But when they return to campus, these exchange students get their culturally interpretative works shown in a gallery. Yeah, I’m jealous too.