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For the record

Every week, Entertainment Editor Nick Margiasso will put one of our fine USF staffers on the musical hot seat for a Q & A. It may be informative, it could be disturbing but it definitely will be interesting.

Oracle: It’s our round … at the bar and at the jukebox; what’ll you have?

Jim Tremmel: At the bar I only drink water, always on the rocks. And, a little Martina McBride if you please.

Oracle: What record most influenced your youth?

Jim Tremmel: Surrealistic Pillow (by Jefferson Airplane). It was the ’60s, after all.

Oracle: Who wins the fight: James “Sex Machine” Brown or Frank “The Blue-eyed Chairman” Sinatra?

Jim Tremmel: If you believe any of the old stories about old Franky’s underworld connections, you have to believe that sooner or later, James will “sleep with the fishes.”

Oracle: What is the best music for solving equations?

Jim Tremmel: The sound of silence. (Editor’s Note: Does he mean the Simon and Garfunkel song, or the actual sound? Another clever rue courtesy of Mr. Jimmy “Jam” Tremmel!)

Oracle: If you had a hit single what would it be called and what kind of music would it be?

Jim Tremmel: “We are the World,” except I think that one is taken. The musical type would be folk rock; my friends say I am an old hippie.