Which one would you choose?

In three or four months USF students, faculty, alumni and staff will be able to get the new USF license plate.

The “iconic bull” will be replaced with the new USF sports logo and the new green and gold colors.

The Alumni Association conducted several focus groups to look into different designs. Twelve designs were considered for the possible new plate, but only one made it to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Tallahassee.

Stephanie McMullon, director of member services for the Alumni Association, said the chosen idea will not be revealed until the final approval is made by both the Alumni Association and the DMV.

“There will be a big splash when all is said and done,” McMullon said.

Paula Stanfield, who works in operation and analysis of the DMV, said she received one idea print, which the manufacturers use to assemble the plate.

The manufacturers, 3M, will design and produce the plate, while Pride, the prison system operation, will put the numbers on the plates, Stanfield said.

“Once that is done we will send a prototype to USF for them to OK,” she said. “After the Alumni Association has approved we will send a letter to 3M to start the full project.”

McMullon added that the reason for seeking the approval is because both parties want to make sure that the quality of the plate and the idea produce good results.

“I hope that the new plate will be a well representation of the university,” McMullon said.

Once mass production of the plate begins, it will take about three or four months before the plate can be purchased. The State Legislature used to make the final call on the approval of the design, but now the decision rests with the university, Stanfield said.

Stanfield added that if people would like to purchase a new plate and it is not within their registration time, they must pay about $17. If the license plate is re-newed at the time the plate is available, they would have to pay a $25 specialty plate fee plus registration fees.

Lisa Lewis, president of Alumni Affairs, told The Oracle in September that the money received by the DMV is distributed back to the university. The money is distributed to the USF Academic Enrichment fund, the ambassador program and student related programs and organizations, such as scholarships and the Alumni Association.

The last time USF received a design change was in May 1997.

According to the DMV Web site statistics for specialty plates in 2002, USF ranks No. 30 in the state. The University of Florida is at No. 3, followed by Florida State University at No. 5. The University of Central Florida also beats USF at No. 28.

The Web site also said that since 1993 the USF license plate has generated about $187,250, and they issued approximately 22,552 plates.

McMullon said she hopes to have the final approval on the specialty tag sometime in November.