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Scary Movie continues lowbrow franchise

Proponents of lowbrow comedy find no fault with the superlative of low. What’s funny is funny, whether it entails the subtle nuances of a romantic relationship in a Woody Allen flick, or Scary Movie 3’s irreverent take on a drama in which hotdogs, tacos and donuts are used in describing sexual possibilities.

With this “funny is funny” mentality, Scary Movie 3 pushes the lowbrow envelope until its absurd sensibilities are so generally ridiculous that it suggests nothing except parody ad infinitum, or no-brow humor.

The film’s no different than this franchise’s previous movies that were under the comedic control of the Wayans brothers, who satirized the popular teen-horror movie boom from the late ’90s. This time around the comedic discretion (or lack thereof) is entrusted to David Zucker, a dead pan humoriest who has a long list of absurd works, including Airplane! (1980) and Top Secret (1984).

Scary Movie 3 is a jumbled mix of plotline and gags that mock popular hits like Signs, The Ring, Independence Day, 8 Mile and The Matrix.

The beginning, with Pam Anderson and Jenny McCarthy, redefines the term “dumb blonde” into a mentally retarded condition. In a conversation between the two characters, they say TV is dangerous because “magnetic waves shrink silicon molecules.”

Another movie to remember in considering Scary Movie 3 is Not Just Another Teen Movie. Though not as consistently humorous as the latter, SM3 is no more than the sum of its gags.

What’s most important in this film’s bathroom-styled tactics are usually more humorous than not; however, the quality of some of the recurring jokes break about even.

One taboo scene inspires particular controversy when SNL’s Darrel Hammond plays a baby-sitting priest, suggesting imminent danger for the child. The boy’s peril continues through other jokes similar to that of Kenny’s from South Park.

The jokes are funniest during the first half of the movie. After a while, the callous perspective obscures the audience’s care for the plot and characters.

The pure silliness in every scene of the film means plenty of entertainment, but entropy sets in quickly.

The later scenes are equally as funny as the earlier ones, and therein lies the lack of any exciting build-up.

Because of this, the anticlimactic movie inspires another label: mono-brow. The bathroom humor is so consistent, it’s monotonous.

Scary Movie 3 is an honest movie during which audiences can look forward to gratuitous jokes on taboo subjects.

Perhaps if it focused on parodying fewer movies, SM3 could have garnered a unique identity instead of each scene plowing on for its own separate purposes. Not to worry, if one joke isn’t funny then just wait a few minutes and it will come back around.