On the air

What they were all looking for was a medium where they could call ’em as they see ’em. And they found it, in the form of campus airwaves.

Radio Free USF and the Jordan Radio Show are the new student-hosted talk shows airing on USF’s campus radio station WBUL.

Anthony Schmidt and John Duddy are the creators and hosts of Radio Free USF. And they don’t mince their motives.

“We talk about controversial issues, especially regarding President George W. Bush because our main goal is to remove him (from office),” Schmidt said. “We also relay the body count of people that are killed in the war in Iraq, because you don’t hear that on the news, and it’s shocking.”

Schmidt said the show also covers issues affecting USF, such as budget spending.

“We are upset with the Board of Trustees and the amount of money they are spending on the Marshall Center and the golf course, while the Fine Arts College is suffering structural problems,” Duddy said.

Schmidt and Duddy are members of the political activist group Alliance of Concerned Students, which is where they met and converged their ideas to create the show.

Duddy said he has never talked on the radio before, but he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to co-host with Schmidt and give students his perspective. He said the show, compared with mainstream media, relates more to the college audience.

“Probably three out of four students have a progressive leaning, but all you hear is ‘right-wing agenda’ in the media,” Duddy said.

On the other hand, Ryan “Jordan” Gorman, host of the Jordan Radio Show, said the media on campus tend to lean to the left.

“I wanted to add another voice to the campus,” Gorman said.

He also said he does not have a political label and is a registered as an independent.

“My stance depends on the issue,” Gorman said. “I look at both sides and then make my own opinion.”

Gorman is also a radio personality on 93.3 WFLZ and STAR 95.7. But he said he wanted to host a talk show, and WBUL was the best platform with which to start.

He said the show will not be focused on politics, but will cover a broad range of issues.

“The show will combine opinion, info and entertainment, and it will not be boring,” Gorman said. “We will cover anything, like if Britney Spears kisses Madonna, we’ll cover it; we will hold a wide variety of people accountable.”

Next week, Gorman said, he will have an assistant to the governor (he wouldn’t reveal his name) to discuss the Bright Futures Scholarship, Florida’s prepaid tuition program and recent decisions Gov. Jeb Bush has made.

Students can listen to Radio Free USF on Tuesdays mornings from 8 to 10, and the Jordan Radio Show in the same time slot on Wednesdays.

WBUL can be heard on campus on channel 1620 AM or channel 6 in the dorms. For more information about the shows or schedule times, log onto the WBUL Web site at www.WBUL.org.