Julmiste gets his shot

With Ronnie Banks and Brian Fisher looking on from the sidelines, freshman Pat Julmiste gave yet another perspective on USF’s quarterbacks in Saturday’s victory against Charleston Southern.

This was not Julmiste’s first time on the field — he saw limited time at Army — but it was the first time that the freshman took the reigns for the majority of the game. At Army, Julmiste threw one pass for seven yards and rushed once for seven yards.

Saturday saw many firsts for the young quarterback, including a first career touchdown pass. Julmiste connected with sophomore Joe Bain for a 53-yard touchdown pass early in the third quarter. The play put the Bulls up 34-0 and was also Bain’s first career touchdown.

“(The touchdown) felt great,” Julmiste said. “That play is always going to be in my memory box forever.”

Julmiste entered with 6:22 left in the second quarter after Fisher started the game and put the Bulls up 24-0. USF coaches made a decision late in the week that if their team went up on CSU early and the defense did its job, Banks would not play and Julmiste would take over for the majority of the game.

“I was rooting for (the defense) all the way,” Julmiste said. “I wanted to get my shot.”

Julmiste certainly got his shot; he finished the game with two completions on seven passes with 72 yards and a touchdown. Not only did the freshman lead the passing stats, he was also the second leading rusher. Julmiste appeared to be a combination of Banks and Fisher as he ran for 38 yards on seven carries, offering a stark contrast from last week’s game when Ronnie Banks was sacked nine times.

“Ronnie is mobile, but not as mobile as me and Fisher,” Julmiste said.

According to the redshirt freshman, the game allowed him to get rid of “jitters” and prepared him for the next time he is called into the game. It also allowed him to work on fundamentals, he said.

“Next time I am called on, I am going to (be able to) sit in the pocket and make my reads,” Julmiste said.

Julmiste also credited his offensive line with giving him the time to be comfortable in the pocket and allowed him to learn his reads, a sharp contrast from last week’s game when the pocket seemed to collapse quickly.

Julmiste, a graduate of Miramar High School, had 37 completions in his senior season. He averaged 20.4 yards per completion, the highest average of all 23 Broward county schools. Julmiste also played in the Dade-Broward All-Star Game, where he was named MVP after a three-touchdown performance.