New & Noteworthy for the week ahead

Epcot International Food and Wine Festival
(Oct. 18 – Nov. 16/ Epcot Center/ Free with admission)
What could be better than a day at Florida’s happy Mouse land? A day at Mouse land getting fat and drunk, of course. Epcot hosts this eighth-annual grubbing and guzzling event. The park will be filled with over 80 sampling stations, demonstrations and even beer “seminars.” Seminars, yeah, that’s what we’ll call them. Also, the “Eat to the Beat” nightly musical showcases include such washed up artists as Chic and Three Dog Night. Get your eating and drinking done early, I’m getting sick just mentioning these “musicians.”

(Oct. 21/ Jannus Landing/ $26.50)
Here in the breeding ground for most of today’s radio hard rock trash (here’s looking at you Limp Bizkit), the welcome mat is always out for angst-rock’s finest. The latest band to make its rounds on the Florida circuit is Mudvayne. These pseudo metal-heads garnered attention with the debut single “Dig.” And, no, those aren’t early Halloween costumes, these guys dress like aliens whenever they play live. It’s all very spooky…in a stupidly embarrassing sort of way.

Diva’s Divine Comedy Show
(Oct. 22/ Improv/ $10)
Kings of Comedy, I blame you for this. Since the now infamous tour which was actually (gasp) funny, all of a sudden any group of hack comedians think they can just get together and perform stand-up — troupe style. Case in point: Trish Keating and company’s comedy show. One lady opened for Joe Piscapo; one starred in Black Spring Break 3; another was once on America’s Funniest People. A joke here would just be too easy.