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Letters to the Editor

Germany’s anthem misinterpreted
RE: ” ‘Poor judgement’ does not entail waving the Nazi flag” Oct. 3

Your Friday editorial expressed dismay at “Deutschland Über Alles” being played at a high school football halftime show.

However, it should be noted that this is not a Nazi creation. Germany’s national anthem was written nearly 100 years before the atrocities of the Third Reich took place. The title, which you translated to English as “Germany over everything in the world,” is slightly misleading.

At the time it was written, the statement referred to putting Germany above the self, not that Germany should conquer the world. “Deutschland Über Alles” is a beautiful song but it should not have been accompanied with the Nazi flag, as that only entrenches the false belief that the anthem advocates the perverted beliefs of Adolf Hitler.

Joseph Yanes is a junior majoring in electrical engineering.

MoBull Messenger too commercial

I am embarrassed and disgusted by USF’s MoBull Messenger Service.

After signing up and seeing the section on choosing what messages I receive, I am convinced that those running MoBull Messenger have put commercial interests ahead of USF students and faculty. If I do no t change any of my settings, I automatically receive messages tied to a commercial interest, but no messages about important USF information, like registration. I have to change that myself. Underwriting a university information service with commercial money is a painful modern reality, but USF being in the advertising business is just “MoBull.”

Tim Bajkiewicz is an assistant professor in the College of Mass Communications.