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For The Record

Every week, Entertainment Editor Nick Margiasso will put one of our fine USF staffers on the musical hot seat for a Q & A. It may be informative, it could be disturbing but it definitely will be interesting.

Oracle: It’s our round … at the bar and at the jukebox; what’ll you have?

Prof. Guignon: A rum and bourbon shake. (Editor’s note: Who needs music?)

Oracle: What album had a big influence on your youth? Why?

Prof. Guignon: Carole King’s first album — it made me sad (“Why are you so far away?”). I always wanted to have someone I liked be far away so I could sing that song.

Oracle: Who wins in a fight: “Pounce like a” Cat Stevens or Dave Matthews?

Prof. Guignon: Cat Stevens. I’m old and don’t know squat about Dave Matthews.

Oracle: What is a good soundtrack for philosophizing?

Prof. Guignon: Carmina Burana, because I do German philosophy and it is very Teutonic.

Oracle: Plato, Kant and Sartre talked a big game, but would they be able to rock?

Prof. Guignon: Sartre knew how to wiggle and wriggle; Kant was a little stiff (both little and stiff). Plato is hard to figure: What do you say about someone who believes in co-ed nude wrestling?