Stoopid is as Stoopid does

Oracle: What influences the band’s decision to avoid the mainstream by remaining on an independent record label?

SS: We like creative control, and we’ve been keeping it underground these past years. That’s how we like to build everything up, through touring and everything.

Oracle: The band has gone from playing in bars in San Diego to selling out shows across the country. What was this transition like for you?

SS: I think it’s dope. If you go from playing in front of 50 people to 2,000 people, it’s kind of crazy. When you’re up on stage getting your jam on and everybody’s singing that s— back to you, all that you can do is have a smile on your face.

Oracle: If you had a chance to rock with one band or musician from the past, who would it be?

SS: I’d always like to jam with Bob Marley. We (already) jam with his kids. We jam with Damian, Stephen and Julien, so that would be kind of cool to jam with Bob.

Oracle: What’s your message to the world?

SS: The message that we try to deliver is just good vibes and bringing the Southern California vibe. (It’s about) having a good time and taking life for what it is. Just to make the best of it while you got it. So, you know, that’s what we do.

Oracle: Who catches the longest barrel rides? (Editor’s note: ‘Longest Barrel Ride’ was the band’s debut release. It has been out of stock since 1998, and an original copy of the album recently sold on eBay for $221.)

SS: That would probably have to be my man Kyle. He’s probably caught the longest barrel out of all of us, but we’ve all been surfing since we were little kids. We’ve been on the beach ever since.