Web Weekly

1. Mistupid.com


There are some bits of information that should be common knowledge for most people, but with the vast amounts of information that we take in every day, it’s the little things that get left behind.

Thankfully, mistupid.com is an online knowledge magazine that gives visitors the useful information they crave while offering additional interesting facts and games.

The site also offers users a multitude of tools that can be used for productivity and entertainment. One of these tools is the paint calculator, which allows visitors to enter their dimensions to get the approximate amount of paint that will be required to complete the job.

Also included is a picture database of funny pictures with captions that capture some of the stupidest sights to ever grace a lens. An example of this stupidity is the shot of a man holding up a target at a firing range with a caption that reads ‘Stupid Job.’

A large database of satirical new blurbs is also offered to show the lighter side of news stories that beg to be ridiculed.

Users can also turn to the site’s forum where they can ask the questions that leave them scratching their head. Such humble answers as the origins of how the number system for bowel movements came about can be found among others.

Adding to the site’s allure are the multitude of games, including the Iraq’s Most Wanted Card Deck Concentration game where guests can try to help the coalition in its quest to find Saddam’s most trusted bunch. The fun-loving Osama bin Laden doesn’t escape the carnage and is included in the Whack-a-Laden game where it never felt so good to play an arcade classic.

2. Auto-theft.info


The FBI Uniform Crime Reports released a November report that auto thefts in 2001 were up 5.7 percent from 2000. Statistics like these are a stern reminder that car thefts are a common occurrence.

Although vehicular theft is a problem that’s here to stay, it’s important for consumers to know what they can do to prevent their vehicle from becoming another statistic.

Auto-theft.info provides drivers with a resource for preventing and recovering their vehicles. The site was created in order to supply the general public and law enforcement with a better resource for combating vehicle theft.

The site is divided among various categories, including prevention tips, vehicle recovery guidance and current news briefs on products and successful programs regarding car theft.

An advisory team of law enforcement and insurance industry investigators also work with the site to review anti-theft devices and programs to identify those devices and programs that are making a difference in fighting auto theft.

A special Auto Theft Hero of the Month Award is also given to those who have helped contribute to the fight against the crime. The section contains short bios of recipients and offers reasoning behind the site operator’s selection.

Interested consumers can also read the protection devices section for a comprehensive description of available methods of security. A layer-protection test offers a guide for car owners to best select the amount of protection needed by their vehicle age and location among other factors.

Gustavo Hernandez