Letters to the Editor

Sorority singles out pretty girls

“Only give these to the pretty girls,”


“Yeah only give these to the pretty ones.” This conversation took place when a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, or ZTA as it is better known, asked a friend of mine to hand out information informing prospective members about ZTA at USF. Although I was taken aback at how shallow this comment was, it only seemed to further solidify the stereotype that many individuals have concerning fraternities and sororities.

I myself am not affiliated with any Greek organization and perhaps if I were, the phrase “only to the pretty girls” might have a different meaning than what I personally interpret it to be. ZTA advertises sisterhood, scholarship and service both with signs and flyers around campus and in The Oracle. Apparently, only the “pretty girls” of USF can participate in these kinds of activities.

Ryan Ratcliffe is a junior majoring in advertising.

Bias not present in SG investigation
Re: “Impeachment shows bias in SG investigation” Sept. 22.

I would like to concern a few errors in the Letter to the Editor dated Sept. 22 from Ms. Gina Mussenden of the College of Nursing.

It is very important for students to know what is going on, especially with an event unprecedented in USF history.

A. Senate president Ryan Caruso stated that the committees were unbiased. Ms. Mussenden stated three of the committee members are in the same fraternity. This fact is false. Out of the five members of the committee for student body president Omar Khan, four separate fraternities are represented, and one non-fraternal member. There is no fraternity or Greek coup against Khan.

B. True, one committee member previously applied for cabinet and was denied, but I am confident that this member has no ill will toward anyone in the executive branch. If the senate felt he did have a bias, he would not have been elected.

C. Concerning a member speaking out against Khan, this rumor states that a member in question is biased, when in fact I, as well as the rest of the Senate, heard the question: If Khan and Morris are impeached, how do we deal with the cabinet members? Do they step down or do they stay? This question is totally procedural and unbiased. This senator is genuinely concerned with the aftermath of the committee decisions, whatever they may be.

D. As plainly seen in the article written by Ms. Stefanie Green on Monday, Mr. Bishop Taylor had spoken to Khan and Morris about his intentions to record grievances despite the retention or termination of employment. Not to mention, his grievances have absolutely nothing to do with his termination.

E. Concerning succession issues, according to statutes, in the event the student president and vice president leave office the senate president who was voted into senate by the students and into leadership by the senators, who are also voted by the students, will take the office of the president and appoint a vice president. The senate president pro tempore will become the senate president. Students did indeed vote for these elected officials.

F. Concerning votes, yes, for the elections last year we had a record number of voters, but keep in mind Khan and Morris won by one vote. Only one. Thus, showing that the students on this campus were split into two groups. The entire student body did not vote for them.

I would like to encourage everyone to get on the SG Web site and read our statutes. I also encourage everyone to get involved. This is an event that we have never dealt with before, and I hope we never have to deal with it again.

I just want to assure the student body that thorough investigations are underway. The committees are not on a witch-hunt. This event adversely affects all of Student Government. The senate and executive branch have worked hard to make USF the best. All that is happening is an issue of violating statues has been brought before the senate. The senate, having the interests of the students in mind, is doing its best to see that justice is done, whether it is a recommendation for impeachment or not.

Christopher Marshall is an SGsenator from the College of Arts and Sciences