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Letters to the Editor

Impeachment shows bias in SG investigation

After reading the article in last Thursday’s paper regarding the investigation of Student Body President Omar Khan and Vice President Ryan Morris, I was appalled at the comments made by Senate President Ryan Caruso. Caruso stated that he believed that those chosen to be on the committees to investigate them would be unbiased. First of all, the committee investigating President Khan is composed of individuals who may be biased. Three of the committee members are in the same fraternity as the senate president, who would become student body president should Khan and Morris be impeached and removed from office. One of those fraternity brothers applied for a position on Khan’s cabinet and was denied. Prior to the committees being formed, another committee member had spoken about Khan and Morris being impeached in the past tense and discussing the formation of a new cabinet after the impeachment.

In addition, the person who is filing a grievance is the same individual who was fired approximately a week prior. I find it strange that this individual had no prior record of grievances with the hiring/firing practices during his three months of employment on the cabinet.

Finally, if Khan and Morris are impeached and removed from office, Caruso and senate president pro tempore Stavros Papandreou, who were never voted for by the students, would become the student body president and vice president.

Khan and Morris managed to obtain the most votes ever in USF’s history and reached out to groups that never had a voice in student government before, and they want to give the voice of Student Government back to the students. Khan and Morris have worked very hard to keep the lines of communication with students open and have fought hard against student injustices. Now is the time to fight against the injustice plaguing Khan and Morris.

Gina Mussenden is a senior in the College of Nursing.

Lottery should be used for original purpose

Our fearless leaders in Tallahassee have done it again. In view of an unclaimed lottery ticket, $50 million is available for spending. And our leaders have a plan to rejuvenate the Florida economy. The god-sent $50 million will be spent on increasing the advertising and promotional lottery budget. This way, the argument goes, people will buy more tickets and hence increase profits. Of course, by increasing the promotional budget for the lottery, the ad agency will make a bundle. It will give its employees $300 bonuses. The employees in turn will go on a spending binge, and voila – our state economy will flourish and education will receive its just reward – more budget cuts. After all, if such a scheme worked at the federal level think what it will do for Florida’s economy.

Manoug Manougian is a professor in the Math Department.