ULS kicks off with indie film maker

The University Lecture Series opens tonight with a presentation by independent filmmaker Maggie Hadleigh-West. Hadleigh-West will present her knowledge on sexual harassment and street abuse in America. The lecture will be at the Special Events Center at 7 p.m.

Hadleigh-West has directed award winning films on both subjects and has covered the topics on numerous national news programs, including 20/20, CBS News and The Today Show. She has spoken at the United Nations World International Women’s Conference and at film festivals, universities and museums across the country.

“Maggie was chosen to speak because she, just like many of our other speakers, represents topics that face college students everywhere,” said Hollie Miller, ULS chairwoman. “She had been recommended by several other college campuses as providing an interesting lecture about a sensitive subject on college campuses. We chose to have her visit our campus to help provide information to students on our campus who may be facing this issue.”

Street abuse, the general topic that Hadleigh-West will discuss, is described as the seven attributes that can qualify behavior as abusive, including coarse, deceptive or insulting language and unsolicited physical contact. In addition to her film making, Hadleigh-West speaks professionally about street abuse on the academic circuit.

The presentation is one of eight scheduled for the fall ULS. Upcoming speakers include Rebecca French and Andrew Mottershead discussing the expression of social life through live art and mixed media on Friday, and Latina Magazine founder Christy Haubegger on Sept. 23.