‘Superman’ stuns Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles should fear Joe Jurevicius. After helping tear them apart in last year’s playoffs, he defiled the Eagles’ brand new football Mecca, Lincoln Financial Field, in its debut with two highlight quality catches that just made people stare in awe.

A Tampa Bay Buccaneer wide receiver, who is not usually known for acrobatic athleticism or the flare so often seen in many of today’s wide receivers, Jurevicius made not just one unbelievable catch Monday on primetime, but two.

Late in the third quarter Jurevicius showed extreme discipline when he caught a 13-yard pass in the left corner of the end zone, put the ball above his head, looked down to his feet and dropped like a rock, sticking both feet firmly in-bounds.

A challenge from Eagles coach Andy Reid predictably followed, but all was for naught as all the replay angles unanimously showed just an incredible play.

The third-quarter catch, slotted for the SportsCenter highlight reels, paled in comparison to the fourth-quarter freak show of raw talent or stupid luck –you can decide.

Early in the fourth quarter, while fighting with Eagles cornerback Troy Vincent on the goal-line, Jurevicius tipped the ball, spun around and fell to the ground with the ball and a spot on highlight reels for the rest of the year.

At first glance, the tip looked entirely accidental, but if you look again you can see that Jurevicius intentionally tipped the ball to keep it away from Vincent. People may say he was just trying to prevent the interception, but the fact of the matter is that if he wanted to prevent an interception he would have swatted the ball away.

The mere idea that Jurevicius tipped the ball up into the air on purpose so that he could have a second chance at the play is worthy not only an ESPY, but also the title of greatest catch of all time.

“He’s Superman,” Bucs cornerback Ronde Barber said to The Tampa Tribune. “Joe’s second touchdown catch has won the ESPY already. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

To make one catch in a season that people will talk about all year is incredible. Then to make another catch that is even better and will be talked about even more is amazing. But to make both in one game? That is just completely unbelievable, unless your name is Joe Jurevicius.