Jucifer is back

Oracle: Shortly summarize what Jucifer is all about.

Jucifer: More than you can handle, buddy.

Oracle: The mellow sound of the albums is almost completely opposite to the sound of your live shows. Why is that?

Jucifer: It’s just how we want to play. If you don’t have that absolute, live volume level on your stereo, it’s going to be different. It’s sort of like vomiting. We spew everything we have into the air around us. Boy, that sounds disgusting.

Oracle: You two have been an item for a while, any marriage plans?

Jucifer: We have considered ourselves married for a long time now. We haven’t done the ceremonial s—, though. We probably should have done it the traditional way just so we could have gotten gifts and parties.

Oracle: Anything strange happen on this tour?

Jucifer: One of our crew members got hit on by a really old man who was also a crack addict. But stuff like that happens to us all the time.

Oracle: I heard through the grapevine that Jucifer is tentatively planning a double album. Come clean, how bad do you want to make it a rock opera?

Jucifer: We think that it’s very important to have multi-billion dollar stage shows. There needs to be more of that going on, not all for Britney Spears. Someone needs to get foolish with their rock.