For the record

Valerie Murphy

Mass Communications Program Advisor

Oracle: If the USF Mass Comm Program was a rock band, who would it be?

Valerie Murphy: The Jackson Five; everyone wants to be the star, but only a couple make it.

Oracle: What album is good for advising youngsters?

Valerie Murphy: The Clash’s London Calling teaches politics, love and life in general. This album teaches you to stick to your guns about anything you believe in.

Oracle: It’s our round … at the bar and the jukebox; what’ll you have?

Valerie Murphy: How about some New Order, a shot of Joy Division, and a tall glass of Tiger Army. Oh, and a Dirty Martini.

Oracle: Who wins in a fight: Ringo or Johnny Rotten?

Valerie Murphy: Johnny Rotten. Ringo is a peace-lovin’ hippie.

Oracle: What is the name of your hit single and what kind ofmusic is it?

Valerie Murphy: “Pathetic,” and it’s a punk rock song (It’s a song I wrote about shallow people).