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Committee in search of new provost

USF President Judy Genshaft has appointed a faculty committee to assist in a nationwide search to select a new provost for the university.

Stuart Silverman, dean of the Honors College, is helping lead the committee that met at the beginning of this semester.

Renu Khator, former dean for the College of Arts and Sciences, was appointed interim provost after former David S. Stamps left the position for health reasons. He will, however, return to the faculty in May.

Silverman said the committee met to approve an advertisement that would be placed in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Silverman added that the advertisement has already been placed and will run in the magazine for four weeks. At the end of those four weeks, Silverman said the committee would meet again. The next meeting is scheduled for sometime in October.

The Provost office will collect all applications and send them out to each committee member before the October meeting, so they can deliberate.

“We will decide and select a list of possible candidates or wait longer for more applications,” Silverman said. “But as of now, there is nothing new.”