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Pioneer Florida Days Festival

While most people were relaxing from work this Labor Day weekend, Dade City held a reenactment of the Civil War battle. The Pioneer Florida Days Festival is an annual festival that takes place during the Labor Day weekend in Pasco County.

The festival is a celebration in rememberance of those who fought in the war and includes a full-fledged battle.

When it was time for the battle, the reenactors took the field. The North was on one end, and the South was on the other. At first, the Union forces were advancing on the Confederates. The Confederate reinforcements arrived and the tide was turned for the South. The crowd watched as the events took place, and it seemed as if the battle was replayed from a history book.

In addition to the reenactment, there were also several displays. There was an old Trilby train depot with its rustic interior and model train display. A few steps away was the Cummer Sons Cypress steam engine loaded with logs so large that it would have taken at least two adults to carry the logs.

Similar to the Renaissance festival, visitors heard re-enactors carrying on conversations. The actors approached passing people asking for pencils so they could write to their loved ones.

Historical buildings in Pasco County have also long been an educational tool for its residents.

A restored house, a one-room school house and a church sit on the property.