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An ignition key for computer security

A simple device can now secure files on PCs. Any user that has access to a PC can view all private files, personal documents and financial records. Securikey, however, is a safe and simple device that can give privacy and protection to sensitive data.

Securikey is a token-based dongle that plugs directly into a USB port. It comes with software that will walk you through the installation process in about five minutes.

Griffin Technologies LLC manufactures the Securikey in two editions. The personal edition is targeted toward home users and will support multiple logins on one PC. The professional version adds features that relate to larger networks. The professional version is recommended for those managing networks and needing active directory compatibility.

After installation, Securikey acts as an “ignition” key to your computer. Setup requires users to install the software, put the device in an available USB port and type in a password.

When the computer is not in use, the key is removed and the computer will be locked. The key must then be replaced in order to access the computer.

The Securikey will operate with multiple users on a single computer, making a “two-factor authentication” for Windows logon. If the PC has more than one user, each will need to setup a password for the Operating System and a “token” (password) to override the Securikey protection.

The key works with Microsoft Encrypted File System (EFS) to protect data files. This system is already built into Windows 2000/XP and provides for an added layer of security.

The personal edition is shipped with two keys, to provide users with a backup. If both keys were to be lost the computer would not be operable.

Even though the passwords may be known, the computer cannot be accessed without the key.

Securikey sells for $149 and will work with any PC or laptop running Windows 2000 or XP. Two keys come in a metal package reinforcing the security the Securikey offers.

The device requires an open USB port while in use. The professional edition is $789 for five users.

David Shreeve