Students move into USF Greek housing

USF sororities and fraternities finally have a home at USF.

Six sororities and eight fraternities moved into the new Greek Village Aug. 9, located on the corner of Maple and East Holly.

The seven villas are owned by USF and cost $14.5-million in bonds to build, but each organization has a long-term lease on its house, said Mike Farley, coordinator of Greek Life.

The organizations will decide on the amount their members will pay for rent, Farley said. However, the prices of rent range from between $425-$500, said Tiffany Messingham, recruitment vice president for the Pan-Hellenic council.

Farley said because USF owns Greek Village and it is located on campus, residents must abide by the same rules enforced by the other housing on campus in addition to their own organization’s rules.

“There are many levels of rules. For example, USF is not a dry campus, meaning that anyone 21 years older can have alcohol in their room. But sororities don’t allow alcohol at all,” Farley said.

Ten of the 14 organizations moving into the villas were admitted based on their history of attempting to build on campus, Farley said. He added that the other four organizations had to complete an application process to be accepted to move into the first phase of Greek Village. There are plans to add additional housing to accommodate the remaining organizations, he said.

Although only 14 of the 33 organizations currently have villas, Messingham said the villas are property of all the Greek organizations.

“Not every organization will live in the housing, but it’s everyone’s property,” Messingham said. “There is a general meeting area and an office that they can use.”

She also said Greek Village is going to benefit the Greek community because it will give Greeks a chance to express themselves.

“The houses are gorgeous and the outside looks amazing,” Messingham said. “I think (the housing) will broaden Greek life and help with recruitment because it will give a visual so people will see it’s not all about parties; it’s sisterhood, values and leadership.”

The organizations that will be moving into the houses are Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma and Kappa Delta, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Chi, Kappa Sigma, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Sigma Nu, and Sigma Phi Epsilon.